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stillness the whole s▓cene rose before her, vivid as reality—ghastl▓y figures flitted before her; and t▓hen she saw Reginald as they p●arted; and then full of life and excite●ment in the field; and then co▓vered with blood and wounds.▓ She seemed to see him bound and knee▓ling for the fatal stroke, and the shot rung i●n her ears, clear, sharp, an▓d strangely loud, till she could

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    have shri●eked from the bewildering agony: she t▓ried to banish the vision, to escape it●s influence, bu

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    t it gained strength, and▓ force, and colouring, and before midnight L▓ady Emily watched

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    in grief and awe besi●de the couch where her young● cousin lay, and raved in the fearful ▓delirium of a brain fever. ▓Many weeks ela

  • eyes▓ had glared on the paragraph

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    psed ere Annie could again take he●r place amongst her family; a▓lternate fever and exhaustion had so prostrate●d her that her life was m

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    ore than once▓ despaired of.Had she been a▓ware who it was so constantly and gently tend●ed her, teaching her voice to forget its coldnes

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